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Dr Jonathan David’s Prophetic Word for South Africa

Apostolic Leadership Technologies

An Accurate Assessment of Satan

Assessing Satan’s Power – Nel Sewraj
Assessing Satan’s Limitations – Nel Sewraj
Satan’s Line of Attack – Michelle Sewraj
Satan’s Modus Operandi – Nel Sewraj
Shielded Amidst Shakings – Nel Sewraj
The Religion of Self – Desiree Gengan
Babylon in the Church – Nel Sewraj

Parenting Skills

Character Flaws in Parents – Nel Sewraj
Govern Your Household Well – Michelle Sewraj


7 Years of Plenty & Beyond

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The Genuine and the Counterfeit:

Hypocrisy in the House – Nel Sewraj
The Pharisee Spirit – Nel Sewraj
Two Systems of Worship – Nel Sewraj
The Vessel of Sincerity – Nel Sewraj

Other Messages by Nel Sewraj

Messages by Michelle Sewraj:

Other Speakers:

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