Zion – The Perfected Church

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Heb 12:22-24


  1. It is supernatural – not natural
  • v.18 cf v.22
  • Mt. Sinai was natural, ordinary and earthly; Mt Zion is supernatural , extraordinary and heavenly
  • This Church has more than just a natural, geographical position; it has spiritual stature
  • This Church takes us from the natural into the Spirit. It has dimensions of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit dwells in our midst & expresses Himself as much as He can.
  • Our spiritual atmosphere must be conducive for the Spirit to move. The Spirit Himself touches and meets the needs of the members


  1. It is the city of the living God
  • “City” speaks of governance and authorities. Zion is a Church that represents God’s government and authority
  • It has authority structure and chain of command. Everybody cannot be doing their own thing
  • There are ranks in the spirit. Members should not pursue equalisation; they must stay within their grace & fulfil their call. Going beyond this will open them up to demonic attack
  • Phil.2:5f – Jesus was exalted because He did not pursue equality with the Father. Gen. 48:19 – fathers know things that sons don’t
  • Eph.4:15-16 – every individual part/member of the body must accept responsibility for the body and contribute something


  1. It is the heavenly Jerusalem
  • We don’t gather together for meetings; we appear before God
  • This Church is the place of unlimited possibilities. It is a city without walls (Zech.2:4).
  • No other spirit except the Holy Spirit can limit us or place boundaries around us (Acts 16:6-8)
  • This is the place of depth of relationship intimacy with God and also partnership with God (Rev. 21:1-2 – this Church is the Bride of Christ)
  • It is to this company that God focuses His plans & purposes. Therefore we need to be a people who are accountable


  1. Myriads of angels gather here
  • This Church has heavenly reinforcements. These include ministering angels and warring angels
  • They remove obstacles from our pathways, sometimes opening us into the miraculous
  • The Word of the Lord is not just for preaching to members;  activates the angelic (Ps.103:20)
  • The unseen realm is ordered by the presence of angelic hosts:
  1. Jesus rebuked the storm because demonic powers were behind it. Angels assisted to push these forces back
  2. Rev.12:5f – when the Church brings forth sons to reign, war breaks out


  1. This church is the general assembly

The General Assembly has the authority to execute the written judgements of Go

  • Ps 149:5-9
  • This Church executes what is written. It no longer listens to sermons. The written judgements of God are declared and the saints execute it
  • “Ekklesia” – Thayer: “an assembly of the people (called out from their homes) convened at the public place of the council for the purpose of deliberating”
  • This church is God’s tactical headquarters; a people of power and intelligence
  •  This Church is the governing body, the Council, the parliament and court-house where verdicts are pronounced and judgements are executed
  • Therefore there are some things we cannot afford to do:

a)      We cannot afford to live frivolously & recklessly

b)      We cannot build the church like we have done before

c)       We cannot return to what church used to be

2)      The general assembly endorses the new things that god wants to do in our city

  • Nothing should be allowed within our jurisdiction without our endorsement. This church has oversight over the city
  • We have the power to get bills passed and laws changed
  • The policies and legislation for our city should be conceived within our spirits and through our declarations
  • This church has a clear perception of the prophetic destiny of the city

3)      The general assembly Capacitates the people for the different domains of the city

  1. This Church brings about a reformation of every sector of society by strategically deploying competent sons of God
  2. It prepares the person and gives them the purpose. However, the onus is upon the person to develop their own skills
  3. This church is like a recruitment centre. When society needs competent business or political personnel, we must have them in readiness
  4. Religion only trains believers for “church work”

4)      The general assembly is the leader and director of the affairs of the community

  1.  We must provide leadership for the development of our city and region
  2. The jurisdiction of the General Assembly is outside the “four walls” of the church. It is not church as we know it; it is church unusual! We must get involved outside the church
  3. Members of the General Assembly are trained and strategically positioned in society
  4. Groundbreakers have the opportunity to be trained in politics & mentored in business

5)      The general assembly has its list of mighty men

  1. 1 Chron.11:1f
  2. The whole nation came to covenant with David because they heard the Word of the Lord concerning David
  3. However only 400 men gave themselves to the process of establishing his kingdom. Not everyone who hears will build.
  4. It’s only some who will make the difference for the others. These are the select ones who make all the difference. These make up the General Assembly.


6. The church of the firstborn sons who are registered in heaven

1)      This company of believers are blessed with the birthright

  1.  This is the core and apex of the Church: true sons. They are a unique company of people
  2. They have a strong sense of ownership in the house and over the Kingdom
  3. As a firstborn company they carry a double-portion of the Spirit (Isaiah 61:7 “Therefore in their land they shall possess double”) The first portion is received from their father’s impartation. They receive it as their own. This portion is multiplied when they come into their own inheritance

2)      These are sons who are maturing to the full measure of the stature of Christ

  1. Eph.4:13 “till we all come to…a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ
  2. These are no longer babes and children in the Kingdom. They have put away childish things (1 Cor.13:11 “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things”)
  3. The above also pertains to the younger 2nd generation in the house. If legacy is to continue in them, we must speak to them like they are somebody. We cannot water down the Word

3)      Firstborns are in pursuit of an inheritance

  1.  Their inheritance: to take cities and nations for God (Ps 2:8)
  2. Gal. 4:1-2,7 – Their maturity as sons gives them access to inheritance
  3.  On the other hand, immature sons are always fighting for their rights. Like the Prodigal Son, they have an entitlement mentality i.e. “Give me my portion!” Later he returns to the father with a posture of maturity saying “Make me…”             The father therefore blessed the son with true inheritance because self-centredness was eliminated

4)      Firstborns are patterned sons

  1. The church of the firstborn will bring forth firstborn sons. These are Christ-like sons made after the pattern of Christ
  2. They are the first-fruit company produced by the Church
  3. They are also the first-fruit company sown into the earth. The world is not looking for Christians; it is looking for Christ, the Son of God. Therefore, we don’t need Christian politicians; we need politicians who are patterned sons – like Christ. Like Christ, their mere presence will begin to change things

5)      This church’s concern: the transfer of legacy

  1. We therefore seek to build and release as many Groundbreakers as possible. We also want to impart everything we have and know to you
  2. Legacy cannot be transferred apart from relationship. Pursuing relationship is therefore a non-negotiable. Members must deal with & eliminate internal insecurities & hostilities
  3.  Parents must transfer truth to their children. Your children must know what God has spoken to you, the assignment of Groundbreakers, and their role as continuity of legacy


7. Zion is where God Is the Judge of all

1)      This is the place of God’s approval & Assurance

  1.  This is the Church that is convinced that God is for them. They are confident that they have His approval as His son
  2. Knowing that God is for us and that He approves us gives us power, hope and victory even in the face of hostility
  3. Many believers misread attacks as divine disapproval. So they respond wrongly and negatively. Examples:
  • The disciples in the boat with Jesus (Matt.8; Mk 4; Luke 8)
  • The reaction of David’s men at Ziklag (1 Sam. 30)

2)      This is the place of continual purifying and perfecting

  1. It is the place where our walk is continually judged so that it meets up to the standards of God
  2. It is not possible to walk with God and to remain in uncleanness. We must change our garments before we can sit with or sup with the King
  3.  Everything about us must become better and better (character, relationships, spiritual sights, stature & influence). Our doctrine must become clearer and clearer

3)      This is the place Where MY conscience is clear

  1. At Zion condemnation coming from within us ceases. Why? Because God’s justice is measured by righteousness. We have appropriated Christ’s righteousness within us
  2.  When we come to Zion, the devil cannot accuse us any longer. We are not under condemnation (Rev.12:10)
  3. Goliath harassed the minds of the army of Israel for 40 days until they had no power to move. David arrived with a conscience judged clear. Therefore nothing Goliath said could intimidate him
  4.  Always keep your conscience clear & clean. Talk clean, think clean, act clean

4)      This is the place where God judges satanic powers

  1. Here God intercepts and strikes the enemy on our behalf. He fights our battles for us
  2. In this dimension God subjects all our enemies to us. Those who oppose us begin to be supernaturally floored before us
  3. Gen.14:14-24 – The king of Sodom’s visit to Abraham is intercepted by Melchizedek. Abraham therefore does not succumb to this enemy’s schemes.
  4. Even “backlash” becomes taboo to the spiritually mature
  1. This is the place where God REWARDS us
    1. When God judges us He does so to reward us. It is for incentive; it is not punitive
    2. The heavens begin to open over us. Nothing is withheld from us. God puts everything at our disposal
    3. This is the church that is going to reap the harvest. These are the people who are


8.       Zion is where the spirits of the righteous are made perfect

  1. Perfection: the greatest potential and capacity each person can attain in Christ
  • “Teleios” – Christlike maturity, spiritual wholeness & completeness
  • You will live by the language of the Spirit (the Word of the Lord, revelations, visions, dreams, prophecies and more). Joseph – the dream was alive in him; through it he triumphed over set-backs
  • Each one’s grace has been maximized. They are fresh & deep wells. Here you are able to draw from each other’s grace & measure
  • You become the first connecting point between heaven or spirit world and the earth
  • Rom.8:15 “For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!“
  • In this realm you come to fully realize the spirit of adoption
  • It is the place of total satisfaction. In this realm you are no longer concerned about yourselves; it all about the Father!
  • He is the only One who connects you to God. Nothing and no-one else can connect you to God – not fasting, prayer, spiritual works, books, psychology or any other thing
  • It is only through Christ that you can have healing, deliverance, blessings, power, anointing and more. Christ is the ONLY Mediator!
  • Only through Christ we can have success in all human systems & endeavours (marriage, money, morality, ministry…)
  • Heb.2:8 tells us that God has “PUT ALL THINGS IN SUBJECTION UNDER HIS FEET”
  • Heb.6:20 calls Jesus “the Forerunner” which means: one who comes in advance to a place where the rest are to follow
  • This means that all the things that have been subjected to Him will also be subjected to us!
  • Because all things are already subjected to Him, He becomes the guarantee of this promise to us. We are His body.
  • Heb.9:24-28 – Jesus’ on-going ministry before the throne. He appears before the presence of God to do three things: To take away your sin, to intercede for you, for your salvation
  • Although His ministry is behind the veil, we can connect to Him in the real of the spirit. As Jesus draws from the Father He gives to us
  • A limitless life is resourced from this place. We can experience     life in abundance. Walking in this dimension changes everything. Things that other people cannot touch we can receive in Zion
  • Whatever is lacking in you as a “man-Christ” you will receive here. Christ will form us with Word coming from behind the veil
  • You become more and more Christ-like – more of His nature, His personality, His whole being manifesting in you
  • This is why it is critical that you spend more time in the dimension of the Spirit. The more you immerse yourself in the Spirit, the more the life of Christ forms in every area of your life
  • He will cause His Church to enter a level of faith where they will move mountains & do great miracles, signs and wonders
  • Your faith will be set on His Word. You will speak His Word and believe that His Word can do the impossible
  • You will speak and it will happen. You will be able to operate like God here on earth. The power of your words will have the same effect as the words of Jesus
  • You will have power over nature, your circumstances and so on
  1. This is the place of spiritual synergizing with one another
  1. Before anything can manifest from the spirit world, it must pass through YOUR spirit first!
  1. Relationship and connection      with the father becomes a reality in this realm

9. Zion is where Jesus is the      mediator of the new covenant

  1. There is only one mediator: CHRIST HIMSELF!
  1. Jesus is the guarantee of the new covenant
  1. Jesus secures a better promise for a greater future for us
  1. Jesus’ priestly ministry behind the veil will bring about the making of a new man
  1. Jesus is the author and perfecter of our faith

10.   Zion is where the sprinkled blood speaks better things than the blood of abel

  1. The blood OF JESUS was the high      price god paid to redeem YOUR SOUL
  • The high price was Jesus’ blood! Therefore you cannot be snatched out of His hands. The devil cannot offer any counterbid for you
  • Around your family, possessions, wealth, mind and emotions
  • Also over your body too. Sickness should not persist because God has paid the price. Our own negligence, stresses brings sicknesses upon us
  • Your spirit has 3 functions: communion, intuition, conscience
  • When you change/repent your past cannot taunt you any more. Its power is broken. Your conscience is cleansed
  • Heaven’s demands are satisfied; the standards of living God demands are also satisfied. I am approved as His son
  • Blood speaks of life. Jesus blood was unique because it comprised the life of God. It came directly from God – not from Mary
  • Medical science has shown that the blood of a mother and her unborn child never mixes (“It is an established physiological fact that the mother’s blood is neither the source nor supply of the blood in the unborn infant’s veins. It is the contribution of the male which leads to the development of the blood”) Jesus partook of human flesh neither with Eve’s blood – nor with Adam’s blood!
  • Jesus’ blood was incorruptible because He came from above!
  1. The blood of Jesus clears your conscience when you produce the fruit of repentance
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