Redefining the Role of the Senior Elder

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       i.            It is more accurate to acknowledge the set man’s role as an “elder” rather than a “pastor”

       ii.            There is a need for mature believers (having self-government) to rise up in the house – not religious members that place unnecessary expectations on the senior elder

iii.            Members must settle the “assurance of love” issue in your heart once & for all. They shouldn’t doubt the Senior Elder’s love for them.


1.       The Senior Elder’s call evolves from the pastoral and become more apostolic in function

  • Apostolic function is more demanding because:

i.      It focuses on Kingdom – not just the church

ii.      It pertains to every domain of society

iii.      It Includes the non-Christian world

iv.      It concerns itself with the prophetic destiny of cities and nations

v.      Its goal: to see God’s government manifest in every nation

vi.      Its concern: the spiritual take-over of cities & nations

  • His pastoral function and care-giving role has to be replaced by other pastors and emerging leaders in the house


2.       The Senior Elder’s input will be typified by rancher-style of ministry instead of shepherd-style of ministry

  • Members must move from one-to-one interaction to group interaction with the set man. Placing undue expectations on the set man is ungodly; this work must be accomplished by others
  • For this reason he may have been grooming gifted and responsible people over the years who will be able to function well in these roles


3.       The Senior Elder’s responsibility is moving from caregiver to trainer

  • Saints must be equipped more than being cared-for (“equipping of the saints” Eph.4:11-12)
  • Leaders in the house have been properly trained & equipped to embrace his pastoral responsibilities while he moves forward into apostolic function


4.       The Senior Elder must shift from carrying the burden of the people to carrying the burden of the Lord

  • Acts 6 – from the needs of the people to the Word & prayer
  • The burden of the Lord extends beyond the borders of the church


5.       The Senior Elder has to upgrade from being a pastor of a church to becoming an elder of his city

  • Titus 1:5


6.       The Senior Elder’s concentration has to shift from saints and more to succession/ sons

  • When he moves up higher, he makes room for succession. Leadership responsibilities have to be distributed to emerging leaders in the house. He has to concentrate on raising up a replacement generation for himself
  • His emphasis must move from:

i.      Maintenance to maturity

ii.      Quick-fix problem solving to permanently forming Christ in lives

iii.      Behaviour patterns to belief systems

iv.      Church member’s needs to the needs of the Kingdom


  1. 7.       The Senior Elder’s priority must focus more on spiritual graces like the Word of the Lord, governmental prayer & the Holy Spirit’s movements in the earth – Acts 6
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